Roland Jumbo trailer dobbelt trækstang 20" hjul

Roland Jumbo trailer dobbelt trækstang 20" hjul
Stor cargo trailer med store hjul for bedre stabilitet.
Stor stabil cykeltrailer.
Kommer usamlet.
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Stor cargo trailer med store hjul for bedre stabilitet.


Technical data

  • Box dimensions 90 x 60 x 35 cm
  • Box interior dimensions 88 x 58 x 34 cm
  • Packaging dimensions 92 x 62 x 40 cm
  • Empty weight ca 25 kg
  • Load volume 175 litres
  • Payload max. 40 kg, as distributed load during cycling operation
  • Payload max. 200 kg, as distributed load during manual card operation
  • 20“ spoked wheels with reinforced axis
  • Pneumatic tires

Please do never load your trailer for cycling operation with more than 40 kg of distributed load.

Our largest. It is identical to the trailer Profi, though its sides are 10cm higher. Further it is an allrounder for all fields of application. The bicycle trailer Jumbo can easily be rebuilt into a flea market stall. It is perfectly suited for the transport of tools and machine parts on large industry sites.

The bicycle trailer Jumbo is a stable and flexible transport trailer for each kind of transport material. The material used consists of 7-fold weather and shock resistant glued laminated, 9mm plywood boards. The rims are protected with aluminium profiles as load and rim protection. The corners are additionally reinforced with hard plastic caps. 

The square bar tubular steel frame makes is extremely durable. This trailer is also equipped with the Roland drawbar adapter system allowing the trailer to be used either with an adjustable high-tow arm or a low-tow arm with Weber adapter. In addition there is a 3. drawbar alternative, a double drawbar. The “Jumbo“ has also a Roland spring supporting leg system guaranteeing a convenient placing and loading. The 20“ spoked wheel consists of an aluminium rim with pneumatic tyres.

It is perfectly suited for tough working conditions. Heavy moving boxes can be transported as well as the bulk purchase for the weekend, the garden rubbish of alotments or the firewood for cosy hours in front of the fireplace. Or when it should be very sociable it is the perfect companion for the Farther’s day tour.

The Roland Jumbo bicycle trailer is identical to the model Profi. Robust and stable, but with a greater height and thus a significant plus in volume. A flexible trailer for any kind of transport.